[eigen] Should we require c++11 for Eigen tensor

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Dear Eigen tensor users,

Today, various c++11 features are in use in many parts of Eigen tensor, while other parts compile with c++03 without warnings. This division is rather arbitrary and primarily dictated by what parts of the code gets compiled for the subset of tests that are enabled in c++03 mode:


A larger set of tests covering the majority of the code base are only compiled in c++11 mode:

I don't think a user can realistically use Eigen tensor and avoid the c++11 parts of the code. Therefore I would propose that we stop pretending that Eigen tensor supports c++03 and simply guard all the code with EIGEN_HAS_CXX11 or similar. This will then allow us to start cleaning up the code.

Please let me know if you have any objections to this.


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