Re: [eigen] About dropping C++03 compatibility (was "plain": a new keyword for auto with implicit evaluation)

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Dear Edward,

Am 19.02.19 um 14:10 schrieb Edward Lam:
> Speaking from my corner of things [1], it already took several years for the VFX industry to move up from gcc 4.4 so that we can use C++11, and the effort to move up to C++14 in past year has been hard for some customers as well.
> One of the sources of difficulty has bee primarily driven by Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases and another has been trying to get the entire ecosystem recompiled.
> -Edward
> 1.

Out of curiosity I looked at the specifications and they demand for CY2018 and CY2019

--> C++14 (exact requirement)
--> gcc 6.3.1 (see notes)
    (notes: UPDATED November 26th 2017 - CY2018 changed from gcc 5 to gcc 6 due to integration issues discovered with the older version.

Best regards,

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