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Hi Patrik,

On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 6:19 PM Patrik Huber <patrikhuber@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I recently found out that the C++ standardisation committee now created a Special Interest Group (SIG) for Linear Algebra within SG14 (the study group for game-dev & low-latency), and that there's also a new study group on machine learning, SG19.
Both groups have been formed within the last few months, and I don't think there was too much noise around it, so I thought it might be quite interesting for some people on the Eigen list. I also just joined their forums/list,

Thanks a lot for these informations! I joined both SG14 and SG19 lists too.
and I didn't recognise any familiar name for the Eigen list so far.

There is Matthieu Brucher who is a member of this list and posted here a few times.
On a first glance, I saw that they seem to make a few design decisions that are different from Eigen (e.g. operator* is only for scalar multiplications; or there are separate row/col_vector classes currently).

Regarding operator*, from their discussions we can already see clear disagreements between "linear algebra" people and more general "data scientists"... Some cannot stand operator* as being a matrix-matrix product and are basically seeking for a Numpy on steroid. Personally, as I mostly do linear algebra I almost never use the component-wise product and I'd have a hard time giving up operator* for matrix-matrix products. On the other hand, I found myself using .array() frequently for scalar addition, abs, min/max and comparisons... and I've to admit that our .array()/.matrix() approach is not ideal in this respect. 

Nevertheless, following the idea of a "numpy on steroid", if that's really what developers want, we might thought about making our "array world" world more friendly with the linear-algebra world by:
- adding a prod(,) (or dot(,)) function
- moving more MatrixBase functions to DenseBase (most of them could except inverse())
- allowing Array<>  as input of decompositions
- enabling "safe" binary operations between Array and Matrix (and returning an Array)

This way people who don't want operator as a matrix product, or with a strong experience of numpy, could simply forget about Matrix<>/.matrix()/.array() and exclusively use Array<>. Then time will tell us if, as with numpy::matrix vs numpy::array, everybody will give up about Matrix<>... (I strongly doubt).


I think it would be really great to get some people from Eigen (us!) aboard that process.
Here are some links:

SG14 mailing list:

There are two repos where they started mapping out ideas/code/paper:

Best wishes,


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