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Hello all,

I recently found out that the C++ standardisation committee now created a Special Interest Group (SIG) for Linear Algebra within SG14 (the study group for game-dev & low-latency), and that there's also a new study group on machine learning, SG19.
Both groups have been formed within the last few months, and I don't think there was too much noise around it, so I thought it might be quite interesting for some people on the Eigen list. I also just joined their forums/list, and I didn't recognise any familiar name for the Eigen list so far.

Basically, those study groups are currently exploring how (or if) linear algebra functionality could be integrated into the C++ standard and the standard library, and in general how C++ can stay (or become) the number one language for linear algebra and machine learning tasks.
At the moment, they're mainly gathering input from as many sources as possible, and there is one paper that is currently being in draft I believe. On a first glance, I saw that they seem to make a few design decisions that are different from Eigen (e.g. operator* is only for scalar multiplications; or there are separate row/col_vector classes currently).

I think it would be really great to get some people from Eigen (us!) aboard that process.
Here are some links:

SG14 mailing list: http://lists.isocpp.org/sg14/

There are two repos where they started mapping out ideas/code/paper:

Best wishes,


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