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On 2018-04-05 16:54, awf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

It's great to see discussions like the MKL sparse one below, but may I make a meta-point that it would be very valuable to have it in an "issues" format, as is available on github e.g.

Is it an option to do this for Eigen?   Would it be [another] prod towards moving to github?

Maybe even some kind of database which prioritizes and categorizes bugs and allows to express dependencies between bugs, like this:

I agree though that it is always difficult to decide when discussions should be made on the mailing list, and when they are too specific and should be made on bugzilla. Maybe the SparseMKL feature request would be worth moving to bugzilla.

OTOH, there is not that much traffic on this mailing list anyway, besides a lengthy discussion from time to time ...


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