[eigen] Ideas for better documenting coeffwise math functions

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Hi list,

as we are supporting more and more coefficient-wise math functions, we need a good way to structure and document them. To this end, I've started to sketch a table summarising the essential information about each of them:

- available API (a.foo() ;foo(a) ; a.cwiseFoo())
- what it does in a few words/equation
- what is used under the hood, i.e., which STL function (with hyperlinks to cppreference)?, built-in implementation? (and if so, which scalar types are supported?) Which function has to be provided for custom scalar type?
- SIMD status: supported instruction set, supported scalar types, accuracy (i.e., disabled in non-fast math mode).

You can see a start here: http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/dox-devel/group__CoeffwiseMathFunctions.html

I've included a very few functions just to see how it looks like, and to get feedbacks before making it complete.

 - Would you find such a table useful?
 - Does it provides too many or too few information?
 - Is the information clearly presented?
 - Any general comments on this aspect?

And most importantly, feel free to volunteer to complete this task ;)


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