Re: [eigen] Eigen to use OpenCL on GPUs and FPGAs using SYCL.

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I will just add that I wondered about about the same thing last week when I found out that the OpenCL C language is going to become the OpenCL C++ language (C++14 with a few restrictions, for details, see

I would think that Eigen should port quite easily to the new OpenCL C++ language, and it would be really cool, but I can't know for sure since it is too new to be easily tested by anyone. The specification is also provisional and not supported by many drivers (a few Nvidia GPUs have it already maybe ?).


2015-09-02 15:37 GMT+02:00 Luke Iwanski <luke@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi all,

We at Codeplay would like to port Eigen to use OpenCL for acceleration on GPUs and FPGAs by using the SYCL open standard for C++ on OpenCL. The design of the SYCL standard should integrate quite easily with Eigen as it supports C++ template metaprogramming for offloading to accelerators.

Our plan currently is to start by porting tensor to use SYCL on top of OpenCL.

Is anyone looking into porting tensor or any other parts of Eigen to OpenCL? Is there interest in a SYCL approach? And if so, any advice on where we should start?


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