Re: [eigen] Help needed to run a benchmark on many machines

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If anyone could walk me through the relevant bits of ATLAS code, I would be very interested. I just don't have experience with it, and it's large enough that it's not trivial to explore.

I'd also be very interested in how one can empty caches, and how it can have an effect (I thought that any existing cache entry would be evicted as needed).


2015-02-18 15:46 GMT-05:00 Ilja Honkonen <ilja.j.honkonen@xxxxxxxx>:
(see here: Maybe there is a profiling pro over
here who can shed some light on this?

Whaley knows a lot about profiling and optimizing linear algebra libraries and the source code is also available: Making sure the caches are empty before every operation/measurement seems to be important and I guess atlas has separate functions for that also.

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