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Hi all!

I appreciate having an alpha release for 3.3 soon. This will finally make it possible to detect availability of AVX and the expression template engine by the version number.

Regarding input operators (Mail by Helmut), I agree that we should do our best to integrate it and (as I already said in the corresponding bz entry) I think to be useful it should at least support auto-resizing of dynamic-sized objects.


On 17.10.2014 18:04, Gael Guennebaud wrote:

I'd like to discuss about a release plan for the next 3.3 version.
First, let me recall that the devel branch includes several major new

   - AVX/FMA
   - D&C SVD (see other thread)
   - a novel product kernel
   - novel expression template engine

All these features are pretty well advanced without remaining API issues
for normal usage, so I think it's time to plan an alpha1 release asap, for
instance around mid november? This release would be synchronized with a
feature freeze: other features could be added before the alpha1 release, at
the condition they are sufficiently mature and mostly need internal
cleaning/documentation. This probably means that most of the "enhancement"
bug entries attached to 3.3 will be postponed to 3.4.

Then, a beta1 could follow within a month or two. For beta1, all the minor
internal design decisions that are still in suspens regarding the
expression evaluator will have to be resolved.


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