[eigen] 3.3-alpha1 for mid november?

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I'd like to discuss about a release plan for the next 3.3 version.
First, let me recall that the devel branch includes several major new features:

  - D&C SVD (see other thread)
  - a novel product kernel
  - novel _expression_ template engine

All these features are pretty well advanced without remaining API issues for normal usage, so I think it's time to plan an alpha1 release asap, for instance around mid november? This release would be synchronized with a feature freeze: other features could be added before the alpha1 release, at the condition they are sufficiently mature and mostly need internal cleaning/documentation. This probably means that most of the "enhancement" bug entries attached to 3.3 will be postponed to 3.4.

Then, a beta1 could follow within a month or two. For beta1, all the minor internal design decisions that are still in suspens regarding the _expression_ evaluator will have to be resolved.


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