Re: [eigen] Specializing max_coeff_visitor for some number types

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On 19.08.2014 15:53, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
On 17.08.2014 19:34, Marc Glisse wrote:
Any comment on this patch?

Hi Marc,

sorry I forgot about this thread, so thanks for the reminder.

As no further objections arose to your patch, I'll commit it soon.

One thing that is missing is that only LU decompositions are considered by your patch. Actually, a clean solution should somehow share the pivoting code for all pivoting decompositions. At least for QR and LU the code is very similar at the moment. Any thoughts?


I think adding some documentation somewhere here would be nice:


On Sun, 22 Jun 2014, Marc Glisse wrote:


here is a new version of the patch.

I could have made abs_knowing_score safe against users specializing
scalar_score_coeff_op as a derived class of a default
scalar_score_coeff_op for a different type, but I don't think it is
necessary. Also, I don't really know where to put abs_knowing_score,
it is not a unary functor, but moving it far from
scalar_score_coeff_op seems strange. And should it appear in the doc?
For now I made it so it doesn't. I rely on the compiler eliminating
dead code for abs_knowing_score, making the access to the coefficient
lazy is more complicated and, I think, unnecessary.

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