[eigen] AVX integer and half-packet support (was Altivec port status)

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On 15.07.2014 10:10, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
My change actually exposes that integer vectorization with AVX is
somewhat undefined. We provide Packet8i but don't implement
vectorization, since it's only available with AVX2:

The problem is that the alignment_bit in Matrix::Flags is set if
  (((MaxCols*MaxRows*int(sizeof(Scalar))) % EIGEN_ALIGN_BYTES) == 0))
This should actually be dependent on packet_traits<Scalar>::size not EIGEN_ALIGN_BYTES. And actually, if HasHalfPacket==1, we should also enable vectorization if the number of elements is a multiple of half that size or we unnecessarily lose a lot of performance for small objects. I'm aware that this will make things complicated ... :(


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