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On 05.06.2014 16:59, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
Currently, the "severity" and "priority" fields are  somewhat redundant.. So
I what about using the "severity" field for that purpose. For the record,
currently we have:

severity: "critical, major, normal, minor, enhancement"

I just added these new values for severity:

  Compilation Failure
  Test Failure

  Wrong Result
  Accuracy Problem
  Performance Problem
  Test Required

  Feature Request
  API Change (things that might break the current API)

  Internal Design



If you edit existing bugs (or submit new ones), try to select a fitting severity. If you think you require other values (and don't have admin rights) ask on the mailing list or IRC.

priority: "highest, high, normal, low, lowest, ----"

I kept those as they are. This field is barely used at the moment: 6 open bugs are high or highest, 7 are low or lowest. The rest is Normal or "----".

I also made it possible to change the status to DECISIONNEEDED. Set that status on any bugs which require, e.g., design decisions.

I'll try adding the promised "How to contribute" page to the wiki within this week.


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