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On 19.02.2014 18:25, Nicola Gigante wrote:
Il giorno 19/feb/2014, alle ore 17:05, Thomas Capricelli
<orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

I agree that we should make it as soon as possible. And this is
exactly how I think it should be done. As it's often the case with
Gael :-)

Hello. Clang supports a deprecation attribute, maybe it can be more
user friendly to use it when available. You can also specify a
version number so it displays "ABC is deprecated since version

We need to print a deprecation warning if the user sets a compile flag (namely one of those described here: -- even if he does not actually use any Eigen2 methods.
Eigen does (or did) use a deprecated attribute for methods where applicable.

Actually, what do we do to produce a warning on all supported systems?
gcc/clang/icc(?) provide #warning, but that's not ISO-C++. I assume for MSVC there are some #pragma constructs that should work? Not sure about the QCC compiler, but I guess that warning message is not too important to bother *g*


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