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Hi Benoit,

sorry for reactivating such an old topic, but... it is because I'm (passively for now) interested in VTK an in Eigen.
The VES project now knows about Eigen's MPL 2.0 Licensing (but there readme.txt is not up to date).

I thought that might be still interesting.
Cheers Frank

Am 22.01.2012 20:30, schrieb Benoit Jacob:
The only discussion I was involved with, was 2 years ago. It might be
worth restarting it after (if) we do switch to MPL2. At that time,
nothing particular came out of this discussion.

CC'ing Marcus who might know more.


2012/1/22 FMDSPAM <fmdspam@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi List,

a few month ago, if i remember it correctly, a discussion in the
vtk-mailing list appears to use eigen as "the math lib" of vtk.
Possibly benoit, who was involved, can sum up the result of this discussion.

I am now accidentally came across "VES".

Cite #1:
"VES is the VTK OpenGL ES Rendering Toolkit. It is a C++ rendering
library for mobile devices using OpenGL ES 2.0. VES integrates with the
Visualization Toolkit (VTK)<>  to deliver
scientific and medical visualization capabilities to mobile application

Cite #2:
"What about Licensing?
VES may be used to develop and distribute open source and closed source
applications and libraries. VES is licensed with the Apache License
Version 2.0<>. VES
dependencies are VTK<>  and Eigen
<>. VTK is licensed with the BSD license
<>. Eigen is licensed with
the LGPL3+<>. Please visit Eigen's
Licensing FAQ<>
for more information."

I thought that might be interesting.

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