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Il 04/01/2013 11:21, Gael Guennebaud ha scritto:
> Nevertheless, I made a last attempt that is in-between 3 and 4: it use
> the grouping mechanism of 3, but a structure more like 4 where the "->
> Reference" link has been replaced by the true reference block with
> Modules and Classes:
> I also tweaked the javascript to enforce the "Chapters" section to be
> expanded whatsoever. This is probably the most interesting thing about
> this variant, and the same trick can be applied the #4 one to keep the
> first level of the User Manual always visible.
> If you are only interested by the reference pages, then 4 remains better. 

The auto-expand is good indeed, keep it !

Concerning the layout, i still kinda prefer the option 4, which makes it
clear that there are a "User manual" part and a "reference" part. With
option 5 it's less obvious.

But it really is a "i find it slightly better". I'm perfectly happy with
option 5 nonetheless.


Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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