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Note that we run into the same issue as soon as we start using AVX with
I once tried some "simple" things an ran into alignment issue, however, I
did not have time to look into it.
SSE's alignment is the default for 64bit with MSVC (16 bytes). AVX needs a
32 byte alignment.


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> Is it happening to everybody to end up with all classes having 

There exist exceptions but they come at a price. You will most likely loose

I am e.g. developing solely with VC compilers and only in 64bit mode - this
is one of those rare and special cases where I know that everything is
properly aligned and I do not need to use EIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEW
nor Eigen::aligned_allocator. I guess you can imagine the issues I would be
facing when I wanted to go back to 32bit code, or maybe simply switch to
another compiler which does not ensure this alignment.


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