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>> so basically, I will end up having the EIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEW in all my classes ...
>> is it something common?
>> (through it is not annoying in my case)
> I'm afraid that I don't get the question.  Maybe this page can help:

Is it happening to everybody to end up with all classes having

(in my case the basic classes have eigen members and then are
composing bigger objects)

>> I have another question:
>> I observed a 50% boost when I activated the link time optimisation. (I
>> am just converting my program to use eigen compared to my own lib)
>> is it Eigen or another thing I missed? from my previous experience of
>> other programs, the LTO didn't have a big effect.
> So did you compare the same program with your library and with Eigen, with
> and without LTO?

The issue here is that the program before Eigen did not compile with
this option LTO.
It is a "build failed error" that I don't know how to fix it.
(I am using clang + LLVM + c++11 on mac os x - latest version of xcode 4.5.1)

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