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Dear Eigen developers:

Thanks for such a wonderful library!

I noticed that there are some typos in "Getting Started".
Specifically, in Example 2, the source code uses the float type,
i.e. MatrixXf/VectorXf/etc.  But, the corresponding text refers to
double: MatrixXd/VectorXd/etc.

PS. Has anyone figured out how to "inspire" emacs to
perform syntax coloring/highlighting for the headers?  Since the
headers like Eigen/Core don't have an .h or .hpp file extension,
emacs just shows them as plain text, i.e. using Fundamental mode.
I guess I could brute-force it via ln -s Core Core.hpp, but I
was thinking that someone must have discovered a more elegant

Rodney Sparapani, PhD  Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research
Sr. Biostatistician               http://www.mcw.edu/pcor
4 wheels good, 2 wheels better!   Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)
WWLD?:  What Would Lombardi Do?   Milwaukee, WI, USA

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