[eigen] Re: Contributor approval for the MPL2 relicensing (YOUR ACTION NEEDED)

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2012/6/28 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Notice that this is about relicensing Eigen to the MPL2 *only*. The
> current LGPL/GPL licensing options will be removed. Make sure that you
> understand this. We are currently investigating the status of MPL-GPL
> compatibility, as that is of course a requirement for this relicensing
> to be acceptable. You can help with that --- see the other thread. We
> will not actually relicense until we are certain that this will be
> acceptable by users who rely on LGPL/GPL compatibility.

I am now confident that we will preserve LGPL/GPL compatibility by
switching to MPL2. See my explanation in the newest thread about that.
Any compatibility discussion should happen there.


> So, please reply to this email with either one of the following two sentences:
>  Yes, I agree to have all the code that I contributed to Eigen
> relicensed to the MPL2 license.
> or
>  No, I do not agree.
> Anything else than the above "Yes" sentence will mean "No".
> Thanks,
> Benoit

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