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Hi Jitse,

there is indeed not much left to do before we can release 3.1.

Regarding bug 422, I would simply update the documentation to state
it's mostly for internal use and it is not recommended to use it.
Regarding bug 438, we have local changes that should be pushed soon.

I added bug 454 which is about making sure the sparse solve()
functions can take any kind of dense expressions, not only a Matrix<>.
Should not be difficult.

The last thing is better documenting the sparse module, in particular
make it clear what features are and are not supported.

I'll be extremely busy until June. Then my top priority for Eigen will
be to work on the evaluators for 3.2.


On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 2:52 PM, Jitse Niesen <jitse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> What are the plans for forking and releasing 3.1? I'm hoping to have some
> time available this summer to work on bug 99 / evaluators.
> Bugzilla currently shows two bugs blocking 3.1.
> Bug 422 is "Reconsider EIGEN_DEFAULT_TO_ROW_MAJOR". We need a decision on
> whether to depreciate this feature (or perhaps mark it as internal). If yes,
> document this. If no, we need to make it clearer that it changes the ABI and
> API.
> This basically needs a decision. Is there anybody actually using this?
> Bug 438 is "specialization of class SparseLU for UmfPack violates rule of
> three". While the SparseLU class is deleted, the classes UmfPackLU and
> SuperLU need a fix. This does not look difficult. I cannot do it now because
> I don't have these library installed, but I should be able to do this on my
> own laptop later this week if nobody beats me to it.
> Are there any other bugs or features that need to be addressed before we can
> release 3.1?
> Jitse

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