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I don't like 4 in the way that the letter spacing is so non-uniform. I prefer simplicity so 1 is better than 2, imo. Has anyone considered the possibility of making some letters parts of the owl shape? If you erase enough of the owl, it looks like an 'e' or a 'g' (see attached). Also, the "eig" part of eigen is then nicely symmetric if you want to make it like an own face. The 'g' even has a little horn already.


On 2/19/2012 2:57 PM, Adolfo Rodríguez Tsouroukdissian wrote:
On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 4:05 AM, Gael Guennebaud<gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx

Hi owls ;)

Hello all,

let me resurrect this very old thread about a new logo. We clearly did
not make it for 3.0, but we still have a few weeks before 3.1...

In my opinion we need at least to version of the logo. One which which
would fit into a square format where the word "eigen" does not
necessarily have to appear, so typically a simplified version of the
current mascot. A second one, with a large format that mostly contains
the word "eigen" with a small version of the logo somewhere. These two
version answer two different use cases. In both cases, they should not
contain more than 3 colors.

I'm very bad at drawing, but I still gave it a try. In the links
below, you will find a pdf of my attempts, and if you want to play
with them yourself there is also the source file (openoffice format).
They are only some initial tries to get some feedbacks and perhaps
motivate some of you to propose improved versions.

Please be careful at the scale you are watching them because they are
supposed to be small....

You mean small as the current logos in the wiki and doxygen
documentation, right?.

The text I like the most is the one on page 4, 1a. Regarding the owl
drawing, I always liked a lot the original owl, but I don't like much
how it looks in its simplified version with less colors/detail. You
can see the owl if you're looking for it, but it's not that obvious.
This motivated me to spend some time drawing owls, and the better
results are attached to this message. They are basically four
variations of the same idea:

1. The basic idea.
2. Same as 1., but with a couple of additions: the owl is perched and
has a fluff of hair in the head.
3. Head-only. This is the only way I could achieve a more square
aspect ratio ;-)
4. Variation with the text of Gael's document, page 4, 1a. Lines are
colorized to match the text's color scheme.

Some notes:
- Feedback welcome :-), feel free to edit the attachments.
- The original post states that the mascot logo should be "one which
which would fit into a square format". Mine doesn't :-(
- The drawing will probably not scale well to really small sizes, like
a favicon.
- I haven't spent time coming up with a good color scheme for the owl.
- The general shape of the owl is inspired by this owl-drawing lesson:

According to the site (read posts at the bottom), it's OK to create
derivative work from the images in the above link and use them, even
in a commercial design.

That's all for now. Cheers,


As you can see, the initial owl if very recognizable. Also notice in
page 2 the variants without the pen. I think the pen is too tiny for
our use cases.

Don't censure yourself, at this point everything is open to discussion!


- Rob Falck

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