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I dont think there's any. What you call 'sane' is what bitbucket used
to do. The problem is that it is very easy to change a tag in
mercurial (or git for that matters). Then there's no 'obvious' way of
doing. Either you do project-tag.tgz and this is inconsistant when the
tag change, or you do project-hash.tgz which is probably the best to
do but is not very pretty and not source-distro friendly. Same goes
for dirname once extracted.
Source-distro expect tarball names and extracted dir to contain the
version name.

Mercurial's own http stuff does the same, see for examples, the
buttons on top-right of
which is the page for the tag 'release-0.4'

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Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 11/01/2012 19:43, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> The ability to download any cset / tag / branch as a tarball, is
> the only feature that we need from our hg hosting site. We're not
> anymore tied to bitbucket in any other way. Does anyone know a hg
> hosting site that does sane auto-generated tarballs?

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