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The ability to download any cset / tag / branch as a tarball, is the
only feature that we need from our hg hosting site. We're not anymore
tied to bitbucket in any other way. Does anyone know a hg hosting site
that does sane auto-generated tarballs?


2012/1/11 Sameer Agarwal <sameeragarwal@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> This bit me a couple of days ago.
> When downloading a tarball from the website, I get oddly named files with no
> meaning. This is especially bad if you are trying to work with two different
> Eigen versions at the same time.
> Sameer
> On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 10:06 AM, Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
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>> Hello,
>> This is the same problem as the one recently reported by *BSD devs.
>> Not providing clean tarballs seems to be a problem for all
>> sources-based distro, and ... I have to say that I kinda understand them.
>> regards,
>> Thomas
>> (source: from
>> The correct way to fix this is for upstream to provide a "sane"
>> directory name.
>> Using the vcs commit hash for the directory name on a release tarball
>> introduces "uncertainty" and causes more work for downstream.
>> Binary distributions that have developers manually download a tarball and
>> creating a binary archive on their box and that redistribute that to their
>> users are not too worried, but any source distribution that uses the
>> upstream
>> tarball and their "build recipe" to build a package, will need to
>> update their
>> "build recipe" (an ebuild in Gentoo) to update the change of the "moving
>> directory name".
>> So please, *pretty* please if you want to be a good upstream, provide
>> stable
>> URLs for releases and use as the directory name inside a tarball a good
>> convention, such as ${PN}-${PV} with ${PN} being the package name and
>> ${PV}
>> being the package version.
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