Re: [eigen] Getting doxygen to include inherited members in class API docs (was: RowMajor vs ColMajor... )

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On Mon, 19 Dec 2011, Benoit Jacob wrote:

2. I tried worked around this by adding #ifdef EIGEN_PARSED_BY_DOXYGEN
a direct MatrixBase<Matrix> parent to Matrix, alongside the
PlainObjectBase parent, using multiple inheritance. Alas, Doxygen has
a bug making INLINE_INHERITED_MEMB only take effect for the first
parent in multiple inheritance.

I think that this is actually caused by us listing MatrixBase amongst the EXCLUDE_SYMBOLS in the Doxyfile. We apparently did this to clean up the "class hierarchy" page, but I think that page is fairly useless anyway.

Or does anyone know a Doxygen replacement that can understand C++? Maybe something based on LLVM or GCC?

There does seem to be a gap in the market for a good Doxygen replacement.


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