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Thanks for your suggestions! I've written a computeUV() to take care of all non-specialized types (inclusive of mpfr::mpreal), while computeUV(float), computeUV(double), computeUV(long double) are still there for built-in real scalars. It runs smoothly so far. :)

Best regards,
Chen-Pang He

於 2011/8/21 上午 06:14, Gael Guennebaud 提到:
Actually I think that this computeUV() method should be implemented in
a different way: first, I don't see why it has an argument. Second,
since its implementation really depends on the scalar type, it should
rather call a free function (or a static method of an helper class)
that one can specialize for his own scalar type.


On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 8:20 PM, Thomas Capricelli
<orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

you could define those functions included in a preprocessor block (#ifdef /
#endif) using a symbol defined by mpfr, such as __MPFR_H, MPFR_VERSION_MAJOR
or MPFR_VERSION_STRING. I would use the last one.



Thomas Capricelli<orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Sunday 21 August 2011 01:47:51 何震邦 wrote:

Hi, all:
I'd like to add mpreal compatibility into MatrixFunctions (i.e. when
MatrixFunctions and MPRealSupport are both included, then it activates
matrix functions for mpfr::mpreal), but I can't figure out a way to
accomplish it, because it's impossible to just add a
computeUV(mpfr::mpreal) since mpfr::mpreal may be not declared. On the
other hand, if I code computeUV(mpfr::mpreal) at the other header, it's
out of the question to add it into class MatrixExponential. Does anyone
has suggestions?
Chen-Pang He

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