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2011/1/29 Milian Wolff <mail@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Gael Guennebaud, 26.01.2011:
>> btw, if you plane to bench matrix size up to 9000x9000, make sure you
>> disable the non optimized libraries like GMM, ublas, blitz, etc.
>> because they will take forever. Also make sure you disable the result
>> verifications when running the tests (BTL_CONFIG="--nocheck).
>> BLAS and lapack libs are very very painful regarding
>> configuration/linking Depending on how the libs have been generated
>> you might need very different settings. That's why you have these
>> trouble. That's also a non negligible advantage of Eigen.
> I've finally done the benchmarks on my i7 machine. Should I add that to the
> wiki?

this is great, thanks!

but wait... we /beat/ intel MKL???

this is awesome but... we need to triple-check this before we publish.

MKL and GOTO are normally very close to each other, and close to the
theoretical maximum. In your results, MKL does surprisingly poorly.

Is there something wrong in your MKL setup?


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