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Hey all!

Finally I have the change to try out Eigen. I'm going to write a Bachelor thesis (I'm studying physics) on pulse EPR simulations. I want to use Eigen for that. To get my feet wet, I'd like to update the benchmarks first, which should also be useful for you all.

I think I'll be able to get hold of an i7 machine with 8 or 4gigs of ram, running squeeze 64bit. I can easily install the open libs they have there, but I'm not sure whether I should try to get hold of the unfree libs for comparison. Most notably:

# INTEL_MKL: seems to be commercial? Or can I use the "try" version?
# ACML: Closed-source but seems to be free for download?
# GOTO: no idea where I can get this?

If you have any idea, then I could provide you with the required benchmarks. I'll also increase the size of the matrix, since my problem will have a 9000x9000 matrix approximately. I'm planning to use the Eigen 3 branch. Which leads me to my next question: I am not able to install the benchmarks there:


that is the "default" branch in mercurial, eigen2 installed from squeeze repo, version is 2.0.15-1. Any help on this?

Milian Wolff

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