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On 01/20/11 14:56, Benoit Jacob wrote:
2011/1/20 Milian Wolff<mail@xxxxxxxxxx>:
Hey all!

Finally I have the change to try out Eigen. I'm going to write a Bachelor
thesis (I'm studying physics) on pulse EPR simulations. I want to use Eigen
for that. To get my feet wet, I'd like to update the benchmarks first, which
should also be useful for you all.

I think I'll be able to get hold of an i7 machine with 8 or 4gigs of ram,
running squeeze 64bit. I can easily install the open libs they have there,
but I'm not sure whether I should try to get hold of the unfree libs for
comparison. Most notably:

# INTEL_MKL: seems to be commercial? Or can I use the "try" version?

Commercial, but yes you can use a free-of-charge version.

I can only find a " Try it for 30 days-free " version of the MKL. Am I missing something?

# ACML: Closed-source but seems to be free for download?

I think the same applies to it (not 100% sure)

Here I'm pretty sure that it's free to use:

The question is: what version should be downloaded ;-) Probably gfortran-64bit-int64 for an intel processor, right?

# GOTO: no idea where I can get this?

Google for Goto BLAS, you'll find a university website, you have to
click on some kind of agreement before you can download, AFAICR.

right, now I finally found it, thanks.

None of the above is free-as-in-FSF, but ATLAS is (afaik).

Yes, and cmake also checked for blitz and gmm++, both of with are free as well, hence I can include them in the benchmarking without problems.

If you have any idea, then I could provide you with the required benchmarks.
I'll also increase the size of the matrix, since my problem will have a
9000x9000 matrix approximately. I'm planning to use the Eigen 3 branch.
Which leads me to my next question: I am not able to install the benchmarks

that is the "default" branch in mercurial, eigen2 installed from squeeze
repo, version is 2.0.15-1. Any help on this?

The default branch in mercurial is eigen3.

right, which is what I want to benchmark.

This is 2011, so do not bother benchmarking eigen2 anymore :)

I would argue that including eigen2 in the benchmark is very important, for marketing alone. It should show you guys how much better eigen3 performs, are you not interested in this?

Eigen3 benchmarking is very welcome; unfortunately I think that only
Gael knows the black magic of running our BTL benchmarks with all the
back-ends. It would be great to get a wiki page on this topic.

There is a README which seems to be straight forward. But since I cannot compile it I cannot continue with that README ;-)

So any help on the compilation errors would be welcome.


Milian Wolff

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