Re: [eigen] Remaining beta3 blockers

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>       51: no malloc in fixed-size products
> Gael, are you looking at it? If needed I'm OK to have it block only 3.0 final.

This one is a quite big challenge because it is tightly coupled with
multi-threading. Basically, fixing it before having find a good and
scalable solution to parallelize all products with less as possible
code redundancy means doing the work twice.... :(

Currently, not that general matrix-matrix and matrix-vector products
are already ok with respect to no malloc for fixed-sizes. Only special
products have yet to be fixed.

>       53: Sparse - API stability for basic features
> Gael?

I'm think it is more reasonable to postponed it for 3.1 since I'm
still not really convinced by my current choices.

>       54: Const-correctness
> The biggie. Discussed with Gael on IRC. The way to go is to make
> Map<const T> not have the Lvalue bit, so that absence of LvalueBit
> will propagate to other expression automatically, the tricky part is
> that this kills the assumption that DirectAccessBit => LvalueBit.
> I'll have a go at it unless Gael does it first...

yeah, we'll see who's first ;)

>       57: Uniform external library support
> Gael?

this won't be needed for any stable 3.0 module, so we can postponed it.

>       73: 3.0-beta2: Intel incomplete type error breaks several unit tests
> BEEP BEEP BEEP! This one is not yet assigned to anybody. Any volunteer?

I'll check it.

>       89: householder_1 and _2 are continuously failing with segfaults
> BEEP BEEP BEEP! This one is not yet assigned to anybody. Any volunteer?
>       91: scalar_product_traits is missing some specializations
> BEEP BEEP BEEP! We're still deeply stuck in the sauerkraut with this
> one. This is a terrible MSVC 2010 bug that we hit since we use a
> nested 'internal' namespace and we don't know what to do about it.
>       100: Finalize the array-as-scalar feature
> Gael ?

This one would make a good "junior" jog, so if someone want to step
by? Otherwise I'll do it, np.


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