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Benoit Jacob wrote:
> Main changes:
>  - added entry about const correctness issue in Map

I appreciate that finally it made it into the list :)

When I noted that issue, I also noted that it is currently not (easily)
possible to have unaligned Quaternions (and no other transformations
either, as someone else pointed out). Has this already been fixed in
trunk? I sent a patch some time ago, but did not notice it being pushed
(I don't check on a regular basis, though)

>  - polar decomposition: changed to just "kill that".

shouldn't you change the priority to 2 or 3 then?

> The single issue that scares me the most is the Map const correctness one.

Has someone further worked on that already? I might work out some
proof-of-concept style suggestions within this week (got a little, but
not a lot, spare time currently).
But I guess an API-freeze on Oct 4th is unrealistic for that, unless
someone has already worked out something -- or is willing to invest time
right now ...


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