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Great, thanks a lot Benoit!

Yeah it could be that some of the patches are already in :) We've been stuck with beta1 until now.

Was there a decision made on when something along the lines of a beta2 will be out? Or beta 1.5 -- we're fine with that too :) It's just easier to use the .tgz/.tbz and pull that in ROS, than go on the hg route.


On 09/27/2010 07:03 AM, Benoit Jacob wrote:
ok, i'm pushing the warning and the compilation patches as soon as
unit tests finish. turned your warning patch into a changeset in your

But for the tridiagonalization patch, it seems to me that these
changes have already been pushed by Gael on July 16. Right?


2010/9/27 Radu Bogdan Rusu<rusu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

In an attempt to clean up the ROS eigen3 meta package, I was wondering if we
can integrate the following 3 patches into Eigen trunk, such that when beta2
comes out we don't have to apply them in ROS.

These are:

* tridiag_3x3.patch: patch provided by Gael that fixes the float eigen
decomposition precision (without it MatrixXd matrices work well but MatrixXf
ones do not)

* gcc43.patch: patch provided by Benoit that makes GCC 4.3 on Ubuntu 9.04
happy (without it Eigen3 fails to compile)

* warning.patch: patch that silences a compilation warning in Ubuntu 10.04

Thanks a lot in advance!


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