Re: [eigen] alignment bug - or where is our non sse inversion gone?

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Ok, I see what you mean. I mixed up the architecture (SSE vs. General)
and the alignment flag for this case. I would have fixed it in a "bad"
way by completely going for the non-vectorized version when the data
were not aligned.

Anyways, you know what you are doing and thank you for taking care!

- Hauke

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 12:23 PM, Gael Guennebaud
<gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hm sorry but I don't see it. Here is what I have for ei_compute_inverse_size4:
> template<int Arch, typename Scalar, typename MatrixType, typename ResultType>
> struct ei_compute_inverse_size4;
> Anyway, actually I'm doing a different fix which consist in doing
> unaligned loads/stores if the input and/or output do not have the
> AlignedBit flags. Here doing unaligned accesses is fine.

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