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On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 6:46 PM, Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> @MISC{eigenweb,
>>  author = {Beno\^{i}t Jacob and Ga\"{e}l Gunnebaud and et al.},
> Missing an 'e' in Gael's last name ;-)

Sorry Gael... ;)

> Also, note that in alphabetic order of last name, Gael comes first. (At
> least in mathematics, author lists are always sorted alphabetically, which
> means that you shouldn't co-author a paper with someone whom you don't
> consider to be of equal importance, which IMO is a great thing; and I know
> that CS might have different practices but here at least I think the
> mathematicians are doing the Right Thing).

I like that. For us it is slightly different. The first author is the
inventor of the idea/method. The only other person of importance in
our field is the last author - typically the supervisor, Professor,
etc. But hey, do as you wish if you anyways don't mind.

>> In text citations are most often numeric e.g. [12]. The natbib package
>> (\citet, \citep, etc.) cites by author and in that case, the result
>> will be e.g.
>> B. Jacob et al. (2010)
>> because there are more than two (and et al. is considered another one)
>> authors listed.
> This is really bad, but there probably are ways to work around that:

It is not as bad as you think. As I said, in the reference list at the
end of the document it is all fine. The other thing why I don't
consider this too bad is because natbib is rarely used - at least from
what I have experienced so far.

>   - isn't there a way of saying "et al" other than adding "et al" as 3rd
> author?

There is no way other than what Jitse suggested.

>   - or we could work around it all by entering "X, Y et al" as a single
> author name. But I guess that would kill automatic mining, as on

You are right. No good idea.

>   - or consider calling ourselves collectively "Eigen developers" but I
> don't want to remove Gael a just retribution for all his Eigen work (it
> might be important for him to have citations in his own name; me, I don't
> really care, since I'm no longer in academia).

Strange for me - then nobody gets the credit. That would be too bad.

- Hauke

p.s. In the initial mail you need to read "in text" as "within running
text" as opposed to within the reference list at the end of the

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