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On linux x86-64 with gcc 4.4.4, I can't reproduce any of these issues.

So they are probably 32bit-specific. Can anybody try these tests on
linux x86-32 and confirm? I don't have multilib working (one of many
fedora annoyances) so I can't try.

I tried -mfpmath=387 and that didn't make any difference: I still
couldn't reproduce the failures.

Can you also check that you are testing the latest revision from hg
(hg diff should say nothing and hg parent should return the latest


2010/7/4 Carlos Becker <carlosbecker@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I could now reproduce the error in packetmath_1:
> a[3]: 0.00128718, b[3]: 0.00128716
> Test packetmath<float>() failed in "/home/cjb/eigenThings
>     areApprox(ref, data2, PacketSize) && "ei_preduxp"
> and in svd_1 after some trials:
> Test svd(Matrix3f()) failed in "/home/cjb/eigenThings/eigen/test/svd.cpp"
> (63)
>     test_ei_isApprox(a * x, b)
> but I still have to get the right values.
> The most important error is in product_syrk_1, where I just get a segfault
> :S, anyone getting the same behaviour?
> On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 10:47 PM, Carlos Becker <carlosbecker@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Hi everyone, these are the errors I get with OpenMP enabled, vectorization
>> enabled (up to SSE3) and row major alignment. GCC v4.4.1, ubuntu x32
>> 99% tests passed, 4 tests failed out of 452
>> The following tests FAILED:
>> 	 14 - packetmath_1 (Failed)
>> 	194 - product_syrk_1 (Failed)
>> 	214 - stable_norm_1 (Failed)
>> 	319 - svd_1 (Failed)
>> Errors while running CTest
>> However, I ran it a second time and only stable_norm_1 and product_syrk_1
>> failed! Now, ran it a third time and got these two failing again PLUS
>> redux_8 !!! I really don't know what is happening, and I tried running
>> packetmath_1 several times on my own and could not make it fail. The same
>> happened with svd_1.
>> However, I can make redux_8 fail: Test vectorRedux(ArrayXf(33)) failed in
>> "/home/cjb/eigenThings/eigen/test/redux.cpp" (88)
>>     test_ei_isApprox(s, v.head(i).sum())
>> and printing some values:  s : 0.000287235, v.head(i).sum(): 0.000286877,
>> although I don't know if this makes sense really.
>> Does this all make sense somehow? I am starting to believe that something
>> is wrong with my processor, or I am a very special case.
>> Carlos

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