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Hi everyone, these are the errors I get with OpenMP enabled, vectorization enabled (up to SSE3) and row major alignment. GCC v4.4.1, ubuntu x32

99% tests passed, 4 tests failed out of 452

The following tests FAILED:
	 14 - packetmath_1 (Failed)
	194 - product_syrk_1 (Failed)
	214 - stable_norm_1 (Failed)
	319 - svd_1 (Failed)
Errors while running CTest
However, I ran it a second time and only stable_norm_1 and product_syrk_1 failed! Now, ran it a third time and got these two failing again PLUS redux_8 !!! I really don't know what is happening, and I tried running packetmath_1 several times on my own and could not make it fail. The same happened with svd_1.

However, I can make redux_8 fail: Test vectorRedux(ArrayXf(33)) failed in "/home/cjb/eigenThings/eigen/test/redux.cpp" (88)
    test_ei_isApprox(s, v.head(i).sum())
and printing some values:  s : 0.000287235, v.head(i).sum(): 0.000286877, although I don't know if this makes sense really.

Does this all make sense somehow? I am starting to believe that something is wrong with my processor, or I am a very special case.


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