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2010/7/28 Carlos Becker <carlosbecker@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi everyone, I was just wondering: which are the parallelizable operations
> with Eigen? I mean, if I enable openMP and EIGEN_DONT_PARALLELIZE is not
> defined, which operations would get parallelized? According to what I see in
> the source code it is mostly dedicated to products.

Yes, that is all what's currently parallelized. However, do note that
products are where blocking (aka "level 3 implemented") decompositions
spend most of their time, so this benefits already a large part of the
decompositions. In the future, we'll parallelize more and more stuff,
i.e. my new divide-and-conquer SVD is going to be fully

> I am asking this because
> I am now choosing between parallelizing some code myself or letting Eigen do
> it. I guess that using EIGEN_DONT_PARALLELIZE would allow me to parallelize
> larger blocks and, knowin what I am doing, I suppose I can get better
> performance, specially when the operations are not purely products.

I can't give a general answer to that question, it depends too much on
your specifics!


> Thanks!
> Carlos

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