Re: [eigen] Do we need geometry refactoring?

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2010/7/29 Hauke Heibel <hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I pushed the following changes:
> - Transform is now per default Projective.
> - Improved invert() in the Transform class.
> - RotationBase offers matrix() to be conform with Transform's naming scheme.
> - Added Translation::translation() to be conform with Transform's naming scheme.
> - Safeguarded some Transform functions with compile time asserts.
> - Added missing static Identity() to Rotation2D, AngleAxis.

Thanks a lot for getting this done. This is the attitude!
Have you just checked that these changes are appropriately covered by
the unit tests? Thinking especially about the inverse() code removal.

> For the very last point, how about adding Translation::Identity() ?

OK for that.


> - Hauke

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