[eigen] part<SelfAdjoint> in Eigen3

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Eigen2 documentation mentions the way to obtain an optimized computation for an _expression_ evaluating to a selfadjoint matrix:

n.part<SelfAdjoint>() = m+m.adjoint ;                 (1)

n.part<SelfAdjoint>() = (m*m.adjoint()).lazy();      (2)


I didn’t find the way to have that in Eigen3 (MatrixBase>Derived>::part is still there but flagged as deprecated). The Porting from Eigen2 to Eigen3 page does not mention this case (it gives only the translation for part<SelfAdjoint|Upper> and part<SelfAdjoint|Lower>). Is there a new direct way to perform such computations?

And what would be the best way to write (2) when m itself is selfadjoint?





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