[eigen] ctest/cmake warning/error limit

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I tried to raise the warning/error limits of the dashboards but it
does not seem to be working. It is getting more and more annoying to
apply a bunch of fixes just to see in the next dashboard submission
that there are still 50 more warnings which we did not see before. The
issue is that I caused yesterday many scattered commits while trying
to fix just a single source of warnings, namely Index related changes.
Another issue is that each build takes around 1h and it would have
saved me a lot of time if I were able to build and run the tests once
while seeing all errors and warnings.

True, I could have done that by just running the tests from within the
IDE which I am doing right now but since I am working on a laptop that
always means remotely connecting to a server and applying the fixes
over there. Building all tests on my laptop is right now not an

Coming to my actual question. Does any of you know how to properly
raise the warning/error limit to CTest/CMake??

- Hauke

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