Re: [eigen] MSC compiler error: worth working around?

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On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 13:21, Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
2010/4/16 Eamon Nerbonne <eamon.nerbonne@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> In the course of specializing some of my code to accept various eigen matrix
> types, I ran into an MSC bug.

There's 1 thing I dont understand: you're not the only one using MSC,
so why are you the first one to hit this problem? Hauke, do you know
about this?

Possibly it's compiler version related (not what I expect though).  However, it's also code that typically people outside of eigen won't use often.  In my case it's something like this:
SomeNonEigenType<... , (MatrixBase<TDerived>::IsVectorAtCompileTime?1: 2) , ... >
Which I suppose just isn't that common? 

Also, in eigen2, the "using Base::IsVectorAtCompileTime;" syntax wasn't used, but rather that was evaluated at the spot (rows == 1 || cols==1) - so eigen2 wouldn't have triggered this bug with MatrixBase, at least.  Actually, that's an argument in favor of working around the bug; otherwise going eigen2-->eigen3 may involve compiler crashes which doesn't make upgrading any easier.

>  Essentially, eigen's classes have lots of
> members in the style of "using Base::SomeEnumMember;".  Using those kind of
> "inherited" members as part of computations (not just unmodified usage) in
> template parameters in MSC triggers compiler bugs or an ICE (depending on
> the computation).  I submitted a simple test-case & bug report to microsoft,
> but that's been closed [WontFix].

At least they didn't sue you for patent infringement (USPTO 29043801
"Method for triggering a bug in MSC with enums").

I'm not too thrilled with their bug-resolution process either..   Still, sometimes they do fix em, so I do report em.

> One workaround would be to replace "using Base::SomeEnumMember;" with
> "enum{ SomeEnumMember = ei_traits<typename
> Base::Derived>::SomeEnumMember};".

Often, the stuff is only present in a Base class, not in ei_traits. So
it would be:
 enum { SomeEnum = Base::SomeEnum };

> Leaving it out entirely works in MSC but
> not in GCC, unless I'm missing something.

Ah great! So on MSC we could replace using by just a comment opener "//"   ?

Maybe the bug could be worked around by introducing a macro

As far as I can tell, yes, that just works.  I'm not sure if that's due to MSC being too leniant or GCC's in error, but it doesn't work that way in GCC.

>  Alternatively, wouldn't it be
> possible to remove these helpers entirely and just always refer to ei_traits
> for these things?

Again, the enums aren't always present in the traits. See in MatrixBase.h.
Also, a "using" statement is probably simpler, since it doesn't define
anything new, so if we have the choice, it's probably better.

Hmm, I see - yeah, it's not quite as straightforward as I hoped...

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