Re: [eigen] Eigen3 ->Eigen2 performance regression: patch.

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I have used google perftools and they were quite reliable here. Just
link against -lprofiler and add an env-var to get result is very easy


On 03/02/2010 01:36 PM, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> I'll admit that I'm not using a profiler... I don't even know if
> there's a free alternative to Oprofile, which is very hard to set up.
> (Linux here). Then there's vtune... haven't tried it yet.
> Benoit
> 2010/3/2 Hauke Heibel <hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Just out of curiosity... which profiler are you using? I have a quite
>> old license for VTune but that one does not work on Windows 7 anymore.
>> I tried out AMD CodeAnalyst and it works ok though it is not really
>> what I was looking for. Something supporting call graph profiling
>> would be great -- currently it seems as if even the latest VTune
>> version does not support that on Windows 7 so the whole profiling
>> field looks a little bit sad right now and it's really a huge
>> difference between profiling timer-based vs. a real profiler.
>> - Hauke

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