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Am 03.02.2010 08:13, schrieb Hauke Heibel:
Hi guys,

I am thinking about defaulting the option of splitting large unit
tests on windows systems (actually MSVC systems) to NO/OFF.

This option results in so many projects, that the IDE
Mmh.. Why do you involve the IDE for unit tests at all?
For a complete unit test suite, a batch starting cmake is ok for me.
Or do I miss something?

... Any MSVC users who can give me their comments on these issues observed
with MSVC 2008? Any objections?

For my usage, splitted unit test are better, I think.
Of course, you have to weight my thoughts with the amount of my contributions to the project (= nearly nothing) :-)

Best Regards

@Echo off

MSVC 2010:
call "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat"
set MSVC_Name=MSVC-2010(10.0.21006.1)

copy src\test\testsuite.cmake .

set COMMON=ctest -VV -S testsuite.cmake,EIGEN_BUILD_STRING=windows-vista-x86_64-%MSVC_Name%,EIGEN_MODE=Experimental


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