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OK, finally I took the time to apply your patches (with some minor edits).

As discussed in this thread, I've also moved dummy_precision and epsilon (and of course highest/lowest) to NumTraits, and make NumTraits inherits numeric_limits


On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 3:03 PM, Manuel Yguel <manuel.yguel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here are the new patches for AlignedBox taking into account your
comments (I was unaware of the cast politic, which seems to me very
For the moment I made lowest and highest template functions.
As soon as I finish the things with the polynomial solver I will make
NumTraits<foo> inherits std::numeric_limits (that is exactly what the
guys in the boost are doing to define lowest and highest, so it seems
to be a general good idea)
and add dummy_precision and perhaps something about the fpclassify, I
always wanted to have something clear about that in such a class.

Thanks for the patient reviews !

- Cheers,


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