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Hi List,

Just to keep you informed. A very friendly company just contacted Gael
and me to discuss the possibility of contracts and/or donations to
work on specific improvements in Eigen. We've given them a list of
Eigen developers whose experience may be relevant to their interests,
and told them to just directly contact Eigen developers of their
choice. We don't want to set up a "Eigen foundation" in charge of
collecting donations/contracts, that is too heavy organization for our
small project and would be tricky to run correctly from a community
point of view. It seems better to adopt the Linux-like model according
to which developers get directly contracts for themselves.

That said, this story showed the need for a simple way of writing
privately to a few core Eigen developers. So I just created a new
private mailing list,


that is currently read by Gael and myself. Again, its main function is
going to be to help interested businesses to get in touch with the
right Eigen developers for their interests, etc.

I hope that the wiki makes it very clear that all the technical Eigen
discussion must stay on the present (public) list.


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