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In data mercoledì 11 novembre 2009 02:34:32, Benoit Jacob ha scritto:
> The only reason for test_xxx vs debug_xxx was that passing
> -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=XXX was cumbersome. Instead, what we can do is
> generate in the build directory 2 tiny scripts ./debug and ./release
> setting the corresponding build type.

I'm ok with anything as far as there's a minimum of documentation about how to 
compile/run the test, and how to write a test!
I guess most of people will agree :-)

I did not know about debug_*  in fact.. I've looked in my test/, and there are 
only test_*. The rules for debug_* are in the makefile but i was not aware of 

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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