Re: [eigen] Mapping array of scalars into quaternions

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Thanks for the patch. There's something strange about it: it seems to
undo Gael's last commit? Could it be that you coded against the
Quaternion.h file of before Gael's commit, and then generated a patch
against the latest eigen2 ?

Yes, I didn't see Gael last commit, I generate a new patch to keep Gael's changes.

Also, it would help to read some rationalizations:
* why the EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE in front of cross product? Did you
benchmark an improvement here?

icc and visual c++ compiler perform better inlining with EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE in front of cross product. Particularly in the method _transformVector.

* why the a.QuaternionType::operator* syntax, since a is already of
QuaternionType type? Was this useful for compilation?

No, it's just a relic of some test to avoid ambigious call to operator* and to implicit constructor. Since I made some constructor explicit, it's not useful anymore. I'll change that too.


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