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I started a page there:

Feel free to say if something is stupid. I just started something so
at least things get moving and dumped some random ideas, that's all.
Also i hope you can think of more stuff. Note how there are 2
sections, one for blockers and one for non-blockers.

Let's also start vaguely discussing 3.0. People are starting to ask
when it will be there, or at least when a reasonable beta will be
there. I have started answering them to expect a beta in Spring 2010,
i hope that is OK with you guys. I think it'd be nice if you could
agree at least on a beta goal. So here's a proposal, tell me what you
think about this: let's plan to make a "reasonable" beta stable API in
the springtime (say in april or may) of 2010. By "reasonable" i mean
that traditional features of a linear algebra library (including
various decompositions) are, say, 95% feature-complete and 99% API
stable. The 99% API stability is important and anyway, the earlier we
think hard about it, the earlier it will happen. This 99% API
stability requirement is the main reason why i don't see us releasing
a beta before april, perhaps march, but not earlier. Exotic features
wouldn't have to be 99% API stable in that beta, only the big
traditional features.

I hope this makes sense :) if not, well, you know what to do.

*puts on flame-proof suit*


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