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In data lunedì 30 novembre 2009 17:19:45, Ronan Trépos ha scritto:
> A great number of our users are working on Windows plateform.
> So a windows installer is required. I saw that CMake was used to install 
> the eigen library and I was wondering if a
> FindEigen file was developped in order to link any CMake application to 
> Eigen. And more generally, does a
> a "classical" process exist to embed Eigen into softwares ? Did you 
> already have any other experiences of this kind ?

there are cmake/FindEigen[23].cmake files in the development branch (but not in the 2.0.x branch, i dont know why). I don't know if it works with windows.. See here to download them:

Under windows, i dont 'install' eigen, i just copy the files somewhere, and point my compiler to this place (using a -I statement for gcc). This is quite easy. There's no need to link to a library as eigen is only made include files ('template library'). I'm not a windows expert though, so maybe others have better way of doing.

(As a side note, you'll notice that several people involved with eigen are French)

best regards,
Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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