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Dear Eigen community,

I took a look to this library in order to use it in a modelisation plateform tool (VLE plateform, in french : http://vle.toulouse.inra.fr/mediawiki/index.php/Accueil).
And I have  some questions.

A great number of our users are working on Windows plateform.
So a windows installer is required. I saw that CMake was used to install the eigen library and I was wondering if a FindEigen file was developped in order to link any CMake application to Eigen. And more generally, does a a "classical" process exist to embed Eigen into softwares ? Did you already have any other experiences of this kind ?

In a first attempt to use linear algebra algorithms in VLE plateform, we relied on boost ublas library (without LAPACK bindings). This was technically convenient since the platform is already linked to boost. Nevertheless, it seems that solvers like e.g. eigenvalues problem, cholesky or QR decomposition are not part of the release and can be found (sometimes) in cpp examples on the Web. And since I do not have a lot of skills in linear algebra, I prefer not implement these algorithms myself.
This is the reason of my interest for Eigen.

Any advice and answer would be greatly appreciated.

In advance, thank you
R. Trépos

Trépos Ronan
INRA unité BIA Toulouse
tel : 05 61 28 53 34

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